VEEV Wallet

One Wallet to Send, Receive & Store Crypto

VEEV Wallet

VEEV Wallet

The Most Advanced Crypto Wallet of All Time


Track all you crypto payments in one place.(1).

Store Crypto

One wallet to store all your crypto securely.

Pay Friends

Pay friends, coffee, taxis, lunch & drinks with crypto.

Track Crypto

Track the price of your crypto easily and quickly.

Get VEEV Wallet & Free Your Money

VEEV Wallet


A Stable Coin that makes Crypto Spendable

VEEV Coin is a unique crypto coin. It is a stable coin. That means, its price does not fluctuate like other crypto currencies. One VEEV Coin (V1) is equals one US Dollar ($1). VEEV Coin is digital money. But unlike physical cash, it does not belong to any state or government. Your physical cash does not belong to you. But your VEEV Coin does. VEEV Coin is borderless. It can be spent anywhere. It costs you zero to spend, store or save your VEEV Coin.

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