VEEV Merchant Payment Solutions

A FREE POS for Any Business

- Intiutive POS loaded with features, Easy to set up and Simple to use.

- QR Scan & Pay, Process transactions instantly and Get paid instantly

- Eliminate line ups and serve customers faster using QR Codes.

- Customizable and fully programable menu.

- Search and sort to quickly find what you are looking for.

- No monthly fees. No minimum fees. No hidden fees.

Get Paid Instantly

- Process payments instantly and Get paid instantly.

- View and get transaction details in real-time.

- Support for credit, debit, and cash transactions in addition to crypto.

Order & Transaction Details

- Eliminate paper receipts by issuing digital receipts.

- View in-App orders initiated from the VEEV Wallet.

- Delivery details for in-app orders: pickup, delivery or ship.

In-App Pay

- Accept mobile orders and payments with In-App Pay.

- Mobile orders initiated from the VEEV Wallet are automatically organized into customer’s fulfillment preference, pickup, deliver, or ship.

- Payments for remote orders already confirmed.

- Simply activate your business for In-App Pay in the VEEV POS and select items you wish to make available for In-App Pay.

Order Item

Payment Confirmation

Payment Receipt


Using verified smart contracts transactions can be processed at lightning speeds on the blockchain network. Due to the lack of intermediaries in most cases they are executed instantly.


In the United States, there are over 300 types of fees associated with cards transactions generating over $1 Trillion in fees for banks, card companies processors and other industry players.


Blockchain technology gaurantees delivery of payment securly, efficiently and instantly. In traditional systems cannot gaurantee payments due to the many sequences involved in the process.

Traditional Payment Flow


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